Safety Policy

OAKRIDGE maintains Certificate of Recognition in both BC and AB.  We are members of ISNetworld and Complyworks.


OAKRIDGE Environmental Engineering Inc. is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of its employees and contractors in fulfillment of its moral, legal and economic responsibilities. These measures will also be aimed at protecting the public, who may be affected by our day-to-day working activities.

To fulfill this commitment OAKRIDGE Environmental Engineering Inc. will:

• Comply with occupational health and safety regulations, codes of practice, and all applicable government regulations and accepted industry practices.

• Define the responsibilities and accountabilities of employees and contractors to provide for a safe work environment. All employees are expected, and have a legal duty, to perform their jobs in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner, and to co-operate with management to carry out their responsibilities.

• Maintain close co-operation with clients, sub-contractors and regulatory bodies to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that OAKRIDGE Environmental Engineering Inc. procedures and practices meet or exceed accepted industry practices and regulations.

• Provide safe work procedures to identify and assess potentially hazardous work within the company’s full range of activities, so that the hazards may be eliminated or controlled while carrying out our work.

• Provide procedures for recognizing, preventing and reporting unsafe work conditions, near misses, accidents and violence in the workplace.

• Promote amongst its employees and contractors a genuine awareness of safety matters and the importance of safe working practices as outlined in the OAKRIDGE Environmental Engineering Inc. Health and Safety Manual, and provide employees with appropriate safety training, personal protective clothing and safety equipment.

• Review and continually improve upon the OAKRIDGE Environmental Engineering Inc. Health and Safety Program and Policies and encourage employees to participate in this process.

• Ensure a continued safe workplace environment for all of our employees and contractors by fulfilling our safety responsibilities.