Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment is an effective tool, accepted by regulatory agencies, for contaminated site management and site closure. With expertise in Alberta, BC and federally, risk assessment staff at OAKRIDGE have experience with a wide range of risk assessment applications, for example:

  • Completion of risk assessments at sites contaminated by soluble salts, hydrocarbons, glycols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals, nutrients or PCBs. We have experience with all land uses (e.g., residential, agricultural, wildland, parkland, commercial and industrial) and many industries (e.g., upstream oil and gas, downstream oil and gas, mining, sawmills, dry cleaners, sandblasting).
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment submissions to BC Ministry of Environment, BC Oil and Gas Commission, Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Energy Regulator;
  • Ecological Risk Assessments (for both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems);
  • Preparation of food chain models to evaluate whether bioaccumulating contaminants pose risk to people or wildlife higher up the food chain;
  • Development of risk management strategies including the preparation of Remediation Action Plans and Risk Management Plans for regulatory submission;
  • Completion of risk assessments to support regulatory closure for sites, including instruments from BC Ministry of Environment;
  • Calculation of site-specific guidelines and standards;
  • Environmental liability risk management;
  • Risk evaluations to identify data gaps in available site information and planning for future site investigations.
  • Providing advice for clients on risk assessment strategies (i.e., when a risk assessment approach could be valuable at a site or when other methods could be more appropriate). This will vary with the client’s goals for a site and current regulatory regimes.
  • Third party review of risk assessments.

Subcontract of Risk Assessment Services

OAKRIDGE has provided Risk Assessment services to consulting firms on a subcontract basis in both Alberta and British Columbia. This arrangement provides consulting firms access to specialized services where there may not be the volume to maintain full time staff in this area of expertise. Confidentiality agreements are signed, providing full assurance to the lead consulting firm that no competition issues exist. OAKRIDGE is a professional firm that highly respects professional relationships and acts in accordance. A billing rate discount to the lead consulting firm is standard.

OAKRIDGE personnel are adept at integrating seamlessly into the lead consultant Project Management and reporting schedule.



We are confident that our risk assessment expertise can assist in your efficient and practical management of contaminated sites. Please contact the following if you would like to discuss further or have any questions:

Larry Neufeld, P.Eng.

Principal Engineer

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Adele Houston, M.Sc., P.Biol (AB), R.P.Bio (BC)

Senior Risk Assessor

(Cell) 250-719-6279



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