Specialty Services

OAKRIDGE Environmental Engineering Inc. encompasses a great breadth of experience in Environmental Consulting serving the upstream Oil and Gas industry in the Peace Region. OAKRIDGE specializes in Investigation, Delineation and Remediation and human health and ecological risk assessement of upstream contaminated sites. We are fully equipped to provide consulting services for sites containing both soil and groundwater impacts. Our staff have experience with vegetation assessments, conducting electromagnetic surveys and investigation and remediation of the most common contaminants encountered at upstream locations; hydrocarbons, salts, amines, glycols, methanol and metals. OAKRIDGE is also in a position to offer services in the areas of regulatory support for upstream locations within the jurisdiction of the Waste Management Act, Contaminated Sites Regulation, and Hazardous Waste Regulation administered by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment.

Spill Remediation Experience
OAKRIDGE is recognized in the upstream Oil and Gas industry for cost effective and efficient spill remediation supervision. OAKRIDGE has responded to hundreds of water and land-based spill incidents, offering vast knowledge and experience of specialized response support in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner throughout northeast British Columbia and northwest Alberta. Clients of this service include some of the largest Canadian Oil & Gas companies. OAKRIDGE works closely with our customers in the design, establishment and operation of spill remediation techniques, tailoring our service to each client’s specific response needs, local environmental conditions and government requirements. Remediation services at OAKRIDGE include:
• Source Removal
• Spill containment and recovery
• Spill response training
• Treatment System Installation
• Site Decommissioning
• Bioremediation


Waste Management Experience
OAKRIDGE staff has experience regarding many aspects of the siting, approval application, general design and daily operation of industrial landfills in Northeast British Columbia and Northwest Alberta, as well as background in the design, siting, and daily operations of municipal landfills. Our staff has experience in maintaining and monitoring of shallow groundwater monitor networks at nine municipal landfills on behalf of a municipal government body in Northeast British Columbia. Landfill services at OAKRIDGE include:
• Landfill siting, design, and application
• Wastewater discharge registration
• Design acceptance monitoring program
• Annual permit requirement


Reclamation Experience
OAKRIDGE staff has experience regarding overseeing many aspects of reclamation from pre-site assessment to reclamation certificate applications. Reclamation services at OAKRIDGE include:
• Pre-Site Assessments
• Wellsite Reclamation
• Detailed Site Assessments
• Schedule A/B Assessment
• Reclamation Certificate & Applications

Expert Witness Services
OAKRIDGE is equipped to provide Expert Witness Testimony services to clients related to spill response and remediation activities. OAKRIDGE senior staff has also provided Expert Witness services to major Oil and Gas companies related to general issues surrounding contaminant release.